If you’ve used PayPal for any length of time you will be familiar with their service charges for sending and receiving payments;- These can be reduced by using PayPal Mass Payment drastically if you are sending large amounts!

Using the PayPal Mass Payment system will ensure that any payments you send to your outsourcers, clients, or affiliates will be received by the recipients without them paying a service charge fee.

You, as the sender, will not pay more than 1.00 USD even if you’re sending thousands of dollars, pounds or Euros! Fabulous news!  The rate for sending a PayPal Mass Payment  is actually 2% up to a limit of 1.00 USD . This is of course is much more attractive all round than the standard PayPal fee based on a percentage of the amount being for sent.

How to set up a PayPal Mass Payment

1. Login to PayPal

PayPal Mass Payment Login to PayPal

2. Select send money Tab

PayPal Mass Payment Send Money


3. Select Make a Mass Payment

PayPal Mass Payment Make a Mass Payment


4. Open a Notepad TXT file and enter the following 3 obligatory pieces of information

The recipient’s PayPal email address – sometimes referred to as the PayPal ID

The amount that you want to send without the currency sign;- just the amount.  NOTE;- that each different currency will require a separate Mass Payment

The Currency Type;- always given in CAPITAL letters, it can be any currency used by PayPal’s Mass Payment system.

PayPal Mass Payment Enter on a Note Pad

The space in between these 3 pieces of information above is gained by using the TAB key. Just hit the TAB key once between each of the 3 items of info. Keep one payment per line.

Tab Key




Additionally you may wish to add a 4th field for a customer reference and / or a 5th field for a short personalized message;- these are optional. If you chose to do so these fields might look something like this.

PayPal Mass Payment field txt example

These are the currencies currently available in PayPal’s Mass Payment system

PayPal Mass Payment Currencies Available 2011


5.  Save the TXT file


6.  Upload the TXT file in the PayPal Mass Payment screen

PayPal Mass Payment Uploading Page


7.  Review;- When the TXT file has finished uploading the ‘Upload’ button turns from orange to grey. Click the Review button.  On the next page you will see how your Mass Payment instructions look before pressing send.

PayPal Mass Payment Review

8. Happy Dance It’s a easy as that … you now know how you can save money when you’re using PayPal for making online payments!

PayPal Mass Payment Happy Dance





9. Remember

Tell your customers about the benefits of using  PayPal Mass Payment too, they’ll love you for it! It will ensure  that they too will only ever pay $1.00 to send payments to you even very large amounts of money using PayPal and you will not have to pay a service fee for receiving payments they send to you.

10. Share this information with anyone who will benefit from it.

Wow! Considering how much I use PayPal, I can’t believe I’d never heard of this. Definitely something to remember for the future.

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