Nearly 2 billion people worldwide are online. When they want a product or service, they don’t pick up a phone book (if you still do, you might want to skip this article). They go to the Internet and search via search engines or social sites because these methods generally provide fast results and relevant information —generally.

Whether it’s information on a product, service, healthcare or current events, you name it, people are looking for it. In fact, in the USA during April 2011, we averaged 543 million searches per day, that’s 22.6 million per hour or 377,000 searches per minute!   But you know this already, right? I think it’s a good idea to revisit briefly the phenomenon of what’s really happening online because we tend to take for granted that the Internet is part of our culture now. And when we take this phenomenon for granted, we tend to miss two important things:

  1. The excitement that comes with being at the forefront of technology.
  2. The fact that this is still new to 90% of the people, and everyone is trying to figure it out as it changes daily.

An interesting look at the way the internet has changed our lives, and marketing strategies, over the last few years. Blogging and Social Media have completely transformed the way we interact in a very short space of time, that’s for sure.

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