The world of marketing in general is changing at such a rapid pace that many feel that success is defined as being able to just keep pace. Innovation and change are part of life but the real life application of innovations and changes are not always the result.

The concept of inbound marketing has been one of the seminal changes that have hit marketers right between the eyes in recent years. As marketers, we historically live in a push advertising world, which is content with putting advertising messages in places that are thought to be where prospects and customers congregate thus hopefully catching them at the right moment so they can make a decision for a product or service. Essentially marketing that is pushed upon the consumer is just as reliant on luck and chance as it is skill. Not much to bank ROI arguments on, huh?

Now the world is moving to a pull marketing paradigm which is inbound marketing. The basic concept being that rather than throw bait out where we think the fish might be, we are to create bait that lures the right fish to it. The idea is that those who come to you and your message are already further along the buy cycle path than those who are simply reminded that they may need your product or service. By acknowledging that they are interested in your ‘bait’ they imply that they are interested in your offering.

Along with the fundamental shift that is taking place comes a fundamental change in the attributes of the new world marketer. Marketing has always been about numbers. Even that focus has shifted a bit in that the numbers to be focused on are not the traditional demographics that give us some comfort that the target market might be there. Instead the numbers that define success are centered on a more targeted prospect.

So this new approach to marketing is all about action. It takes a different kind of marketer to get this fundamental shift. Here are a few attributes that define the new inbound marketing mindset that focuses on A.C.T.I.O.N.

It’s worth checking out the full article – the 5 attributes of an inbound marketing mindset are very interesting!

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