I want to talk to you today about a tool that you can use to greatly increase your personal productivity.

It’s a free online tool called Remember the Milk. It’s also available on the iphone, ipad and numerous other phones and devices and it’s one of the better task management tools I’ve seen in a long time.

This is a great article about a great tool – Remember the Milk. I use this CONSTANTLY myself, and I have it synced between my computer and my phone, so that I can access it any time. I keep lists like “things to buy” as well as the more traditional to do lists. I have a goals list, a dreams list… the possibilities are endless. Got 5 minutes waiting time? Update your to do list. Think of something while you’re waiting in a queue? Add it to a list. Somebody ask you to do something? Quickly add it to a list so you don’t forget.
BRILLIANT!!! And the desktop version is free. I used the free trial on my phone and was so hooked I paid the very minimal cost to get full access.
Anyway, enough ranting – enjoy the article, Mark explains it all so well!!

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