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Everybody’s talking about Pinterest and its rocketing fan base, but how do you use this to grow your business?

 Pinterest is a hot Social Networking platform offering those who master it an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and capitalize on the staggering growth of Pinterest. Here are some more advanced approaches to Pinterest marketing.

 First, if you have yet to get started with Pinterest, watch the Phil Stone Training Video entitled “Pinterest Marketing”. Then come back to this article.


Sometimes Twitter seems incredibly confusing for businesses. How on earth do you take those few puny characters and gain a benefit for your business? This article has some interesting ideas.

Internet Marketing has its own importance, every blogger and internet marketer looks towards various marketing strategies. I thought writing about twitter marketing so that new bloggers and marketers can get help from it. Do you know how to market on twitter? If your answer is NO, then you are leaving a huge portion of marketing. Twitter is among top 10 websites all over the world so you can imagine how much you can get from it.

You should also read “Drive Traffic To Your Sites Through Twitter”, I am sharing this post with you to make maximum out of twitter. Follow these simple marketing strategies and play with tweets and social media. These are just general but crucial things and you should follow them strictly in order to move your business up:


This article contains lots of great advice about either implementing or improving content marketing for your local business. Definitely worth a read!

Google tells us that 97 percent of Americans use search to find local businesses, and we know 21 percent of big brands are dedicating up to one-quarter of their internet marketing budgets to local targeting this year. Whether you have a B2C storefront or you’re a B2B company trying to reach key audiences in different communities, it’s time to get serious about your online local marketing strategy – take it from this San Francisco searcher!

Read the full article via brafton.com

Google continues to change stuff – and as a business owner, it’s important that you either keep abreast of the changes yourself or have someone doing it for you. Sticking your head in the sand never works!

Google continues to jumble up the search and social media landscape by today introducing Google+ Local. The ‘new’ offering is designed to replace Google Places but it does and doesn’t do that on several levels. Sound a bit confusing? Well, rather than us adding our two cents to an already crowded conversation let’s take a look around and see what others are saying about this change in the local Internet ecosystem.

First, from Google. Let’s call this the evangelical update….

via marketingpilgrim.com


It’s a question that all small businesses need to ask themselves – are we being social enough?

“You are running a small business that seems to be stuck in neutral and you can’t quite figure out why that is. If that’s the case, have you checked to see whether or not you’re being social enough?”

Read the full article at Socialnomics


Sometimes it can seem that social media is used in all the wrong ways, and it can be hard to work out how to use it in a positive way for you or your business.

The story of Caine’s Cardboard Arcade, apart from being a wonderful feel good story about an amazing kid, also demonstrates how social media CAN make a huge difference.  You just have to find the right way.

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Marketing with Twitter can be very confusing, so I found this article very helpful.

If you aren’t leveraging Twitter’s potential for improving your sales, you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business. While Twitter doesn’t seem like an obvious marketing choice at first glance given their 140 character limit, businesses that can harness their creativity and be a little inventive will find that marketing on Twitter has big benefits. Here are 5 Twitter marketing strategies you should be using now.

via 5 Essential Twitter Marketing Strategies For Your Business.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail at Marketing

Some good, solid information about why businesses fail when it comes to marketing, and how you can do it better.

When it comes to marketing a business the frequent complaint from small biz owners is that marketing rarely works or just isn’t worth the expense. For those business owners I offer the reasons below as to why that may seem to be true.

via 3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail at Marketing.

Some easy to implement tips about marketing your business effectively.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on marketing with good cause. Small businesses need marketing to promote their new products and services and to build a strong, loyal customer base. So what are you doing about marketing your business?

via Marketing Proves Greatest Small Business Challenge.

Marketing 101: What is conversion?

Always good to refresh yourself on the basics.

“I recently attended an event on social media for film and video professionals. There were four panelists: two social media experts and two video pros who are very active in using social media to market their work. The crowd ranged from very green on the topic to a few power users.

What stood out to me was that when the questions got started, one of the social media experts went off on a marketing riff and threw out the term “conversion.” A hand immediately shot up and asked, “What is conversion?”

Flat out the best question of the evening.”

via Marketing 101: What is conversion? | Marketingsherpa Blog.