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Content marketing is exceptionally good for SEO, because you are creating content to which others are likely to link. You are also likely to add content frequently to your website (also good for SEO) when you have a content marketing strategy.

You can contrast this to traditional copywriting materials such as sales slicks, infomercials, and those unwanted pieces of “mail” that show up in your mailbox.

Now that we know what content marketing is, let’s walk through the process of unleashing the power of content marketing step by step:

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How Brands Are Marketing on Pinterest

Hopefully you can grab some ideas for your own business based on the stories shared in this article.  Pinterest is certainly the latest up and coming social media craze.

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I found this interview very interesting. Regis McKenna helped launch Apple into the megabrand it is today, and gives some interesting insights into where it all began.


An up and coming trend that you need to be watching.


Familiarity breeds contempt? What do you think?

In the world of advertising, stereotypes abound. Men are domestically challenged; women choose cars by color; seniors don’t know squat about the Internet, etc.

Most themes that drive marketing decisions have been used for years without regard to changes in contemporary society, and this has never been more true than with ads geared towards women.

Gross assumptions remain in the advertising subconscious, especially the myth that women don’t know much about money and investing.  

An excellent read if women are part of your target market.

Mobile ShoppingYoung people between the ages of 18 and 24 are even more connected to their mobile devices than you might think.

Nine in 10 young adults spend between one and five hours on their mobile devices daily. Nearly one in 10, meanwhile, are on their gadgets between five and ten hours each day. Just under a third would actually like for brands to send them promotions via smarthphone and tablet, but more than half say that it’s “extremely important” to be able to opt out of such come-ons.

Some good tips in this article.

9 Hot Tips for Small Business Marketing on Facebook


I learnt some interesting things from this article – I hope you do too!

Virtual Shopping Has Arrived!

I said a few months ago that it wouldn’t be long before virtual shopping arrived in Australia – and here it is!  See this article from The Age:


Food for thought: Alana Pozzebon (left) and Liv Cougan check out the Woolworths virtual supermarket.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

Food for thought: Alana Pozzebon (left) and Liv Cougan check out the Woolworths virtual supermarket.

THE supermarket wars have moved from the grocery aisles to cyberspace, with Woolworths unveiling a virtual supermarket at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/virtual-shopping-moves-into-food-aisles-20120220-1tjo8.html#ixzz1myMjzeD2

Every year, companies around the world spend more than $6 billion conducting market research. Upon receiving the results of these studies, marketers retreat to conference rooms where they pore over the data and attempt to derive value from what is usually a very significant investment.

One of the most common outcomes of this process is a fantastic “new” way to segment customers. Staffers congratulate themselves on the brilliant insights the new pie charts yield, and their managers trumpet their innovative approach to conference rooms full of irritated executives, skeptical sales staff and befuddled engineers. What went wrong? Here are some of the usual suspects:

Food for thought!