About Us

Who are we?

DWBH Consulting specialises in growing businesses throughout Melbourne, Australia. Marketing is our primary focus, although in the end we are flexible enough to help businesses grow in whatever way suits them best. We pride ourselves on our custom made services.

Although DWBH Consulting has a strong background in more traditional marketing, of recent years we’ve developed a broad knowledge of internet marketing and social media strategies.

Currently we work with small to medium sized local businesses that want to grow, or feel a need to have an internet presence but don’t want to spend time learning all the details of what to do.

Our blend of both traditional and cutting edge marketing knowledge gives us a unique opportunity to assess each business to determine what strategy or combination of strategies will work best for their situation.

Based in Kalorama, in the stunning Yarra Ranges, we also realise that business isn’t just about working hard – it’s finding ways to work smart so business owners can enjoy life and rediscover their passion for what they do.

Originally, the owner, Felicity Walker, ran a number of different businesses, and more than 5 years ago branched out onto the internet. She still has online retail and internet marketing businesses, but realised that her unique combination of experience meant she had something to offer local businesses. At that point DWBH Consulting was born. Plus it gave her an excuse to talk to as many people as possible about all the cool opportunities for marketing small business using new technologies!

Working with businesses, however, can be challenging. Business owners may know they need to change, but it’s not always easy to take something you’ve built up from nothing and tinker with it. Having been a business owner herself, Felicity relates to this very strongly. That’s why DWBH Consulting strives for massive results in a short timeframe, but does it in ways that don’t require turning the whole business upside down in the first week – unless that’s what needs to be done!

As time passes, keeping up with technology is an endless learning curve. DWBH Consulting can keep up with the trends and then pass that information on to clients, saving them valuable time. There’s no doubt that social media and Smartphones are the new trends in marketing, both of which really level the playing field and make it easier for small business to be a great deal more competitive for little cost.

DWBH Consulting believes a properly executed marketing program can pay for itself again and again. But it’s also really easy to waste time and money with marketing that doesn’t work. That’s why it makes sense to hire a business growth firm that gets results.

If you’re interested in catching up for a no charge, no obligation chat about how DWBH Consulting can help your business grow, please contact us either via our website http://dwbhconsulting.com.au or phone (03) 9728 3714.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what DWBH stands for? Don’t Worry Be Happy!